Mini IVF

IVF babyLarge doses of fertility medications are not always necessary. Mini IVF allows treatment to be tailored to meet the needs of patients who can benefit from minimal ovarian stimulation.

What is Mini IVF?

Mini IVF is a type of IVF treatment that utilizes a reduced amount of fertility medications to stimulate egg production. Except for the lower doses of medication, the Mini IVF process is very similar to standard IVF.

Also known as Micro IVF or Minimal Stimulation IVF, the process offers women who don’t require aggressive ovarian stimulation a pathway to pregnancy using lower levels of oral fertility medications. In some patients, reduced amounts of injectable medication or smaller doses of an oral and injectable medication combination may be used.

Considering Mini IVF

Minimal stimulation IVF is not recommended for all women, since pregnancy rates are less than those seen with full stimulation. The technique is most successful in women under age 30 with a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or unexplained infertility.

Micro IVF may also be appropriate for women over 40 who are unlikely to produce more than a few high quality eggs even when higher levels of injectable gonadotropins are used.

For the right patient, mini IVF can offer a safe, more comfortable, more affordable alternative to traditional IVF. Like all fertility treatments, Micro IVF should be customized to the individual couple.

Patients interested in learning more about mini IVF should consult with reproductive endocrinologist. Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates offers a variety of IVF options to patients in Southlake, Keller, Grapevine, Colleyville, Denton and the surrounding DFW areas.

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