Chrissy Hall had her first baby five years ago and it was a delightful surprise except all the weight she gained. “I think a lot of it was hormones too, plus the diet didn’t help a whole lot,” Chrissy said. “I was sluggish probably for the first trimester.” Ironically Chrissy had no problem getting pregnant even though at the time her diet wasn’t the best. Five years later she’s pregnant again but only after going to Baylor Grapevine fertility expert Ravi Gada–and radically changing her diet–to the fertility diet.

This is now her breakfast. “I take a high powered blender with kale and spinach and I add some banana and some strawberries or blueberries, some goji berries or nuts and then you fill to the line with water then you blend it,” Chrissy said with a smile. Dr.Gada said that as we age the more free radicals we have in our bodies that can damage the egg and sperm. The fertility diet is full of antioxidant foods like strawberries, blueberries, goji berries and pomegranate. Get more of those in your body and now it is a war between free radicals and antioxidants. “Inside of your bodies these free radicals are floating around and we’re trying to combat that with antioxidant’s which helps scavenge these free radicals,” Dr. Gada said. Which increases your chances of getting pregnant and carrying your baby to full term.

Dr. Gada said the fertility diet is really pretty simple–eat the good stuff. The saying “you are what you eat” is absolutely true. “There are studies that have shown that by improving your antioxidant intake you can improve your sperm quality and sometimes your egg quality,” Dr. Gada said. Chrissy said this time around she’s really focusing on health–she takes vitamins, fish oil and of course those breakfast drinks. “During the IVF process I drank one every day, every morning on the way to work,” Chrissy recalled. “Then I would just try to eat fruit or vegetables with every meal.” Her second pregnancy didn’t come easily–but it happened courtesy of modern medicine and maybe those alternative foods in the fertility diet. “It very well could have,” Chrissy said.

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